New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point




Just  For  Fun

You ice hockey fans wouldn't have any trouble recognizing professional ice hockey player Bruno Gervais from the NY Islanders, with his pretty girlfriend Melanie and their new beagle puppy, Rudy.


Who said beagles don't grow on trees?
Wendy picked the perfect hiding place during their daily game of hide and seek.  Belle, Mickey, and Pearl aren't even thinking about looking UP!

Powder takes her own turn hiding in the trees

Did you watch the
Westminster Dog Show?

Mizzou did!
(Sent in by Todd.  A proud New Jersey Beagle owner)



Find the man between the coffee beans





Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, your right half of your brain is better developed than most people.

If you find the man between 3 seconds and 1 minute, your right half of the brain is developed normally.

If you find the man between 1 minute and 3 minutes, then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more protein.

If you have not found the man after 3 minutes, the advice is to look for more of this type of exercise to make that part of the brain stronger!!!
And, yes, the man is really there!!!







Now, that's what I call a LONGGG beagle!


WHAT????  Don't bother me.  I'm watching the game. 





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Little Penny has just spent the better part of the last 4 weeks stuck in her crate due to a broken leg.  It was a hard time for Penny and her owners, but she's finally free again and doing well.  To have a little fun and to show Penny just how much we're thinking about her, New Jersey Beagles has decided to dedicate a whole page just for Penny.  Hopefully you'll take our cute little survey and send your good wishes to Penny.   We will be more than happy to post them right here.  Write anything you like.  Good well wishes to Penny, or a broken bone story of your own. 
Thanks, Terry



Name: Joanne
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
 Oh...I'm sure there's a beagle in there somewhere!   Congrats Penny for finally being sprung! Enjoy your beagle life to the fullest!
Name: peggy
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
 How cute !
Name: Dana and Mickey
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
 I know that's a beagle...LoL I've seen that bat face's the same one Mickey makes when he's ready to jump up and hang on Remy's ears!! LoL We're all thinking about you, Penny! Glad you've been "paroled", and hope you're all better soon!!
Name: Virginia Michaels
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Penny is a BAT- I know because I live with her.
Name: Pamela
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
Penny looks like a million dollar baby!!!
Name: Ilona 
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Penny Im soooooooo happy for you. You've been paroled. she's free!!!
Name: Natalie Frenzel
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
A definite beagle-looking adorable while getting into mischief (i think)  Congrats Penny  You have finally been released Now you can have some fun with you family  Natalie

Name: Bonnie Pearson
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
How lucky for you, Penny! You've already got your halloween costume taken care of!!! I'm happy you're all mended sweetie!
Name: Peggy
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Oh, them Orange County choppers
Name: Nicole
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
This is the cutest picture ever!!   It makes me laugh.....We are very happy you are a free bat..or...beagle?   LOL
Name: Amber
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Oh Penny beagle girl You now are out of danger- So give mom a break - When you're out of your crate - And save your bat fangs for a stranger! Congrats on your parole!
Name: Mike, Frodo's chew toy 
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
This is clearly a Feral Beagle of the Serengeti. Note the wild eyes.
Name: Virginia Michaels (Ginny)
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Thanks to Mike, I now know that Penny is a  Feral Blue-Tick Bat of the Serengetti . You should see her when we give her a treat (usually a few Kibble and she goes "Cross-eyed"
Name: Jewel
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Penny! What a cutie! You look just like my Beagle puppy!
Name: Corey
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
Name: Krissy
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
Name: Maggie
your cute penny
Name: Tatiana
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
Name: Teresa
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
wow look at those teeth!!
Name: Rosie,mommies little beagle girl
Penny, I know you're a beagle because mommy says she has seen that look on my face many times. I am so happy you're all better now Penny   Love, Rosie
Name: brittany 
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
u r so cute           wish u were  mine
Name: Rachel 
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
That face reminds me of my Scout ready to pounce on Gunner.  They are a determined breed, no doubt!  Glad Penny is healed and back to normal!
Name: Debra Sadek-wazirmas <--- Terry's Daughter
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
I think you are a beagle, but at night you transform into a bat. Am I right??
Name: Vivian
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
 Definitely a Beagle. If you were a beagle who couldn't play because of an injury you'd look like this while playing too. She's happy to be out of the crate and do what Beagles do. Also, your website is fabulous. The best I've ever seen. I will revisit it many times. Thanks
Name: kajol
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
i think penny is the cutest beagle i ever saw and the teeth are wow!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Aqueidra
I think Penny is a ?: Bat
Name: silvia
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
she looks a lot like a beagle
Name: Kristina
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
BEAGLE! I have a doggie jus like her! ^^ fwee! she is a beagle....with wierd teeth.............
Name: nina beninger
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
cute pup i got one who loves to bite (people)
Name: MK
I think Penny is a ?: Beagle
She is a beagle, but maybe her great, great, auntie was part bat?!? Hope you feel much, much, much better  Penny.




" It's The Loch Ness Beagle, Charlie Brown"


Join the fun.  If you have a laughing, smiling, long tongue, giving you the eye beagle photo, or a dog who sleeps in the strangest places or positions, share them with us.  send your photos  to:  As long as it fits one of our catagories we'll add it to our page. 
Please include your dogs name and a caption to go along with your photo.

My Beagle Can Laugh


Mizzou and her best friend Kiki are hysterical over a funny puggle joke


Jeremy doing his "Scooby Doo Laugh".


Pearl's thinking, "What a WONDERFUL life I have!"


Bonnie giving Cami one of her "busting at the seams" laughs


A big happy smile from Baxter as he cools down in his swimming pool


Did you ever see a dog so happy to go to bed?  Buster is...


Bean's thinking, "LOL, yeah right, she thinks she's walking ME!"


Huh Huh, turn your head all you want boy.  Like it or not, I'm here to STAY!


Brandy, smile for the camera....  Say cheeseeee


OMG Maggie, your bat ears are hysterical!


Barnaby gets quite a laugh from watching the Dog Whisperer!!


Right kid, I'll smile for the picture.  AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF THE LENSE!


"Oh boy, today's the day I get adopted!"

Come on Millie, say CHEESEEEE....


It wasn't THAT funny!


Brady is soooooo happy.  Mommy just got home from work.


Eddie thinks it's hysterical that he  knows how to signal using his ears when he's making a turn.

That Baxter is the silliest, isn't he?

Torre's having ONE heck of a dream!


My Beagle has The longest Tongue!

Jake says, "I can touch my eyebrows with my tongue, can YOU?"


Penny's sticking her tongue out at her mommy after getting caught stealing the panty hose again.


Rebel says, "This is what I think of the new puppy in the house."


What bird, I didn't see a bird!


Copper has a permanent job sealing the Christmas card envelopes for his mommy.


Zoey figures, who needs a tissue when you have a tongue like hers.


I'm such a sweet little doggie, UNTIL you turn and walk away.  Then THIS is what you get!


THIS is what you get for not sharing your spareribs!


Did someone ask for my autograph?


Since I'm just a puppy, and since I've never done this before, ah, maybe she
won't notice if I just stick my tongue out a little bit. 

Oh sure, I'm sweet to your face.  Just don't turn your back to me cause this is what you get!

With a tongue as long as Harley's he's able to blow his own nose.


So you want a picture of my cute little tummy spots, huh?  Wait till you see the other surprise I have for you in this photo. 
Rasberries to YOU!!!



 Congratulations to Bella for earning her degree in, "LICKING."  




My Beagle Can Really Give You
The Eye

Mickey's thinking, "Oh God, is she REALLY going to make me move!"


Here she comes again with that stupid camera.  Nope, I'm not givin her nuttin good!


Duh, you saw me rolling in that, didn't you?


Ah lady, I'm a beagle you know, not a DUCK!


Am I in trouble?


Would you hurry up and take the picture, PLEASE!


Go away, I ain't movin!


Mama help...  I think I see a spider on the floor!


Blue is VERY happy in his new home.  Josie on the other hand is thinking, "Thanks....just what I always wanted...a PUPPY!"


LL Bean Bed and Cover, $60.00.
The look on your Margarita's face when she's caught redhanded chewing through the zipper, Priceless!


"No way was I just digging in your flower garden!"


Huh, you REALLY want me to wear this?  Okay, now I want to see you walking around with a tale, long ears, and a dog collar around your neck.


Sorry" is a word everyone uses all the time.  
     Did you ever wonder what
"Sorry" looks like? 
                    Well wonder no further...............


Mama, look how much fun I had with my new toy today while you were gone!


I swear, I have no idea how this toilet paper got in my mouth.

Oh pa-leeze, just go away!


My Beagle Sleeps In The Strangest Places


Hey, it's clean and it's quiet, sooooo LEAVE ME ALONE!


If you can't get in it, you get ON it....    I LOVE my crate!


Margarita is practicing to be a pile of clothes for this years halloween contest.


Nope, I ain't movin.  I don't care if it's laundry day!


Life doesn't revolved around these two puppies now does it?


Wake me when it's time for dinner, PZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz






Send your laughing, smiling, long tongue, or giving you the eye beagle photo to Terry Stern at: 

Please include your dogs name and a caption to go along with your photo.