New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point


Our Virtual Pet Cemetery
There's something missing in our home,
We feel it day and night.
We know it will take time and strength,
Before things feel quite right.

 But just for now we need to mourn,
Our heart - it needs to mend.
Through some may say it's "Just a pet,"
We know we've lost a friend.


You've brought such laughter to our home,
And richness to our days....
A constant friend through joy and loss,
With gentle loving ways.

Companion, pal and confidante,
A friend we won't forget.
You'll live for always in our heart,

Our sweet forever pet....."

  We at New Jersey Beagles understand the importance and love one places on their animals.  We understand that they are not just merely our pets, but loving members of our family.  For that reason we need a place to not only honor and celebrate their life, but a place where we can morun their passing as well. I offer you my virtual pet cemetery. A place where you can immortalize your pet and feel at peace knowing his memory will never die. 

Please send your photo and eulogy to Terry Stern at:   and let us provide a special place for you to visit your beloved animal forever.






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