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Beagles and the Elderly
We all know how wonderful the beagle breed is and how much they love people of all ages, so lets dedicate this page to our elders.  Lets show just how much happiness these silly, yet extremely loving and caring beagles can be and how much pure and simple joy they bring our senior loved ones.

My mom loved coming to my house and spending time with our beagles, especially if we had a litter of puppies.  She loved them all but was always amazed by the coloring of the little lemon and white pups.  The smile on her face in the photo pretty much sums it up.  While in a rehab after a hip replacement, I'd bring a different puppy with me every time I went to visit her.  All the patients loved visiting with the dogs.  My mom loved it the most.  Always holding and hugging them with a huge smile on her face.  She's gone now, but I will always remember how much she loved the puppies and how much seeing them would lift her spirit.  I suppose any puppy would have had the same effect on her, but if you're reading this, you and I both know there's nothing cuter than a beagle puppy. Terry

Penny loves my Mom.  Every morning, when Penny comes downstairs, she races into Mom's bedroom, jumps on the bed and gives her kisses.  If it's early, she will curl up on the bed and go to sleep.  And Penny goes running to her Grandma when she's scared.  Last July, we had a tornado hit.  The thunder, wind, rain, lightning were horrible, and Penny was terrified.  Nothing I could do would calm her down, and she ran down to Mom.  Mom said 'oh, I petted her, told her it was all right and I think she helped me more than I helped her". 

Another thing.  When Mom's been in the hospital, Penny will not let me sleep in Mom's room, and at 11pm, she will chase Ginny and I up to bed.  It's almost as though she's keeping an eye on things in Mom's absence.   Peggy

"My father-in-law has always loved the beagles.  He grew up with beagles but never had any in his adult life until they moved in with us 8 years ago.  During that time we've had 3 beagles (Lexi died 2 years ago). He has Alzheimer's and most days can't remember the dogs names but he's always looking for them. He loves watching Rebel and Ranger and most of all having Ranger on his lap.  He will pet him for ages.  Since he can't read anymore and never liked TV, the dogs are his main entertainment and distraction in life.  The only time I hear him laughing is when he's watching them chase squirrels or whatever.  The other good thing about the beagles is that it gives him a feeling of having a job- he's keeping them company while they are really keeping him company.  He doesn't wander off and I think that's because he has to stay here and keep an eye on them!  Anyway, Alzheimer's disease ought to come with a prescription for beagles."  Debbie

This is my mom Margie, or as our three “kids” Baxter, Brandy, and Bailee fondly refer to her, “Crazy Lady Down the Shore”. My mom lives down the shore about 65 miles from our place. We get down to her place about every other week and more frequently during the summer. I’m convinced that the visits are more meaningful to her because she gets to spend time with our “kids” rather than Joanne and I. From the minute the guys walk in you can see her face light up and she just comes to life. She loves to hold them like a baby and constantly talks with them. The refrigerator door always has their latest picture for proud display.   I will call her during the week and usually she has me put the phone up to each dog’s ear so she can talk to them and let them know she misses them. It really is something to watch their reactions.  My mom always had a dog around the house but now in her 80's, she  knows she just couldn’t care for one any longer. She is quite content with the time she gets to spend with our guys and I know the dogs feel the same.    Harry & Joanne

Henry and Bailey provided comfort and companionsip to my mom in her last years.  It was a comfort to me to know they were there with her when I wasn't able to be.  She loved them and they her.  When she began having memory issues she started sleeping downstairs on the sofa.  When this happened Bailey stopped sleeping with Henry and me and stayed downstairs with her.  He was my extra special boy.


Reese came into our lives not long after losing a beloved beagle, Freckles, at the age of 14.  Something so sad for us turned into happiness. This event came at a time when life had become very difficult with the illness of my mom.  We even sneaked Reese in to visit with my mom at the nursing facility where she was living.  She enjoyed his visit so much and he sat patiently on her bed while she stroked him.  

 My brother took this photo of that special day.  Mom mom left us about three weeks after
this photo was taken. 


My mother was 102 when she died. She fell and broke her hip about a month before she died. From the minute Kaylee left Jewels and her siblings my Mom assumed responsibility for her. Checking on her constantly -Kaylee loved all the attention. She loved to sit on her lap. And as far as Kaylee was concerned no one could pet her or rub her ears as well as Grandmom. My mother made sure she was fed on time and always had a  blanket if it was chilly. When I was growing up my father raised beagles. We always had them in our house. i think because of that, my Mom thought she had to take care of Kaylee-She even wanted to adopt Rosie another puppy from Jewels and Coolio’s litter.It took Kaylee many months to adjust to Grandmom not being around-As it took all of us time also.This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. 

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