New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point

Welcome to New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point.  My name is Terry Stern and I invite you to browse through my Website and learn a little more about me, my beagles, and our beagle puppies.  But before I do that,  I would like to explain something.  We are reputable breeders.  We are not agents or brokers who sell puppies for other "Breeders" who live all over the country.  We do not sell puppies site unseen or from a photograph.  When you call and inquire about our puppies, I (the breeder) answer the phone.  Not a salesperson trying to sell you a puppy from a photo from some faceless breeder.   Also, please don't confuse me with another website that has a name very similar to mine. We are New Jersey Beagles
NOT New Jersey Beagle Breeders


 Now, I'll give you more information about us. 

New Jersey Beagles is located in the mountains of Northern New Jersey. We're about 1 1/2 hours from NY City, and about 2 hours from the Princeton area.  We live on 7 beautiful acres of mostly wooded property.  The dogs love the fresh air and wide open space to really let loose.  Our kennel is built around a large heated and air conditioned Victorian style building where our dogs come in and sleep at night. We have a big fenced-in area, (6' x 60' x 140') so there's lots of room for our dogs to run, play, and get plenty of exercise. 

I've loved the beagle breed my whole life and have dedicated myself to the well being of these beautiful animals.  Our dogs are given lots of love and attention and are only bred to produce happy, healthy, playful puppies that YOU would be proud to have as part of your family.  Our pups are bred from two championship lines.  "Field Trial" champions and champions of the "Show Ring."

Our show dogs are bred from the best of the best with many champions and "Grand Champions" in their pedigree.  We're proud to say that four of our show dogs have already earned their championship title, with two others that we're currently showing at this time.  Our boy Coolio became a " Bronze Grand Champion" earlier this year and the proud winner of the 2012 Southern NY Beagle Club Specialty Show.  (pictured below) He competed at the Westminster Dog Show in 2013, 2014, and will again in 2015.


CH Thunder Moutain A La Mode 
August 13, 2011


CH Lanbur Laughter In The Rain 
February 24, 2012



CH Saranan Keep The Music Playing For Mildred 
April 14, 2012


September 21, 2012

 Best of breed 2012

New Jersey Beagles is a small kennel breeding two or three litters a year.  We DO NOT mass produce puppies, and we DO NOT ship puppies from one end of the country to the other site unseen.  In Fact, we DO NOT ship puppies at all.  We work from a waiting list where our families may sometimes have to wait a little longer to get their puppy, while knowing quite well that they are getting an excellent quality beagle puppy from a reputable breeder.  Our dogs are happy well loved animals, and we will ONLY sell our puppies to screened, loving families. And believe me, we do turn people away. We take much pride in knowing when our "little ones" leave our home they ARE going to loving, caring families. Our kennels are clean, and our puppies are healthy. We are exactly the type of breeder families look for when buying a puppy.  Come visit us and see for yourself ...... 

Wheither you're looking for a show quality puppy or an excellent quality house pet, New Jersey Beagles is totally committed to making your  beagle experience the best it can possibly be.  Building a life long relationship between ourselves and our puppy families is something we encourage and strive for at New Jersey Beagles. 

In order to be considered for one of our puppies, our families must first fill out one of our puppy applications.  Next the family is interviewed in person at our facility and has to meet the specific criteria we're looking for.  Only then we will agree to place one of our precious puppies in their care.


It is important to know that NJB's does not ship puppies, so if you live out of the tri state area and are looking for a beagle puppy but can not pick him/her up in person, we will try to help you find a reputable breeder closer to home. It is important to us that we meet our potential puppy families before selling, as I'm sure our families would be more comfortable, not only meeting us, but seeing our facility, and meeting our beagle family.

If you have made up your mind that you only want a new puppy from a reputable breeder, we may be able to help you, but please don't discount the possibility of adopting a rescue beagle.  There are far too many beautiful beagles needing a forever home.  You can check out New Jersey Beagles "Beagle Adoption" page on this site, as we do look for special homes for some of our adult beagles from time to time, or simply click the following links to  SOS Beagle Rescue,  Penny Angels Beagle Rescue, or Beagle Rescue League, Inc.  All three rescues are based out of New Jersey and have dogs in desperate need of a good, loving, forever home. 
Perhaps a home like YOURS!
Please DO NOT support puppy mills by patronizing pet stores or by having your puppy shipped from some out of state Internet Website who is mass producing puppies.  Watch this video to see where your puppy might be coming from should you decide to purchase your puppy this way.

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 In either case, while you're here feel free to make use of my entire Website.  If you're one of the unfortunate people who have lost your dog and would like a place to visit him/her, New Jersey Beagles does invite you to send us a photo of your dog with his/her name and a eulogy so we can honor his memory in our pet cemetery

New Jersey Beagles is not only a great place to find an excellent quality beagle puppy, it's a great source for good information and support about the beagle breed.  Happy Beagling and thank you for visiting New Jersey Beagles.  I hope you come back and visit us often.

Please send photos of your pet or inquires of any kind to  


 Our dogs and puppies are all registered with the American Kennel Club.
Our kennel is also inspected by the American Kennel Club and pass with the highest grade possible.