Lady was just about the nicest Beagle I've ever known, but I don't think the neighborhood squirrels will miss her.  She really had some major field Beagle Dna.  As a puppy, she'd sniff and yelp at ant trails, and gradually learned all the classic Beagle moves:  sniffing, yips that became yelps then full blown arooos when she saw her prey.
She was sweet with children, and like most New Yorkers, rose to the challenge of 9/11.  Until that week, Lady could get a bit headshy with tall adults.  She just didn't like people bending down to pat her head.  Not that weekend.  My sister and I walked her along Shore Road, and many people felt the need to stop. talk and pet Lady.  She just sat there, gave her happy moan, and was a true therapy dog.

"Lady was with us for a short while - 9 years--but her antics gave all who knew her a lot to remember" -
Some Lady Stories:
We'll miss you, Ladylove.  Run free at Rainbow Bridge  




I want to say goodbye to my dear friend Abby, who was Lady Beagle's best friend.  Abby was diagnosed last Summer with lymphoma, and lost her fight against this disease Friday.
As a puppy, Abby believed she, too was a Beagle, because she spent her days with Lady.  She followed Lady everywhere, and even tried to 'aroooo' just like a Beagle.  Lady taught her how to jump on a chair, get to the table, and gobble all the people food, a lesson Abby put to good use.
Lady left us two years ago, and I know she waited at Rainbow Bridge for her BFF, Abby.
Run free and happy at the Bridge, Abby






Buster "Houdini" Supino

12/12/03 - 12/13/04
Buster you lived only 1 short year, but the time we had you was magical.  We miss all the kisses ( boy you loved to kiss) and the cuddles and how in the middle of the night you would wait at the side of bed until Mommy and Daddy said it was OK to sleep with us, and of course took up the WHOLE bed.  We miss the way you wormed your way out of everything...and I do mean everything (cages, crates, playpens) And of course I miss you howling back at me anytime I scolded you for doing something wrong.  You were so funny and made everyone around you so happy.  Buster you were the greatest little puppy in the world and Mommy and Daddy will never forget you and we will love you forever. 




In Loving Memory of our Boswell who went to heaven on February 18, 2005


We were not there when your life began, but we were for most of it till the end. We were not the first family to have you, but we are the family who loved you more than anything. From the moment we adopted you, you filled our lives with so much happiness and love. We are so fortunate to have had you as a member of our family. Our hearts are broken by our sudden loss. Our pain is just beginning. We feel your presence at home. We still see you laying on the couch all snuggled in. We still feel your soft ears. We know you are running around in heaven. Keep running sweetie. You will always be our "Bozzie".  We love you and miss you. Forever in our hearts - Mommy, Daddy, Ross, Sam, Ally, Grandma, Beth, Jessi and your buddy Maggie. 






Emma Snider
Oh Miss Emma... Daddy and Mommy were honored to have met you, and found such joy in your company.  You always put a smile on our faces, warmed our hearts, and reminded us about the meaning of love.  We will always keep a spot for you in the bed, a place for you next to your favorite heat vent on colder days, and will remember all of the little things that you did each day to brighten our world.  Although we can no longer hear the pitter-patter of your paws on the floor or your oh-so-sassy yelp, we carry those sounds in our hearts with us.  While you only were on this earth for a few short months, you taught us all a lesson about courage and grace-we will never forget you.  Emma, we love you more than words can say... may you be blessed with health, peace, and freedom in your new home in heaven.
Love you, Mom & Dad




My little buddy, Sassy, passed on April 27, 2005.  Exactly eleven years to the day that my mother and I rescued her from a pound in Tampa, Florida.  This was one week after loosing my elderly mother, and Sassy's other best friend.  From the moment she was brought home she stole our hearts.  She was a loyal and beloved member of our family.

May she, and my mother rest in peace.


Cheyenne was mommy
and daddys  

baby girl. 
We got her from the
SPCA and she was the
best puppy we ever had. 
Her time was too short!





My Sweet Barnie, 
Oct. 18, 1992 - Aug. 14, 2005

Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You were Mommie's best-best friend... I miss you following me all over the house, you were my shadow...Even into the bathroom.. you would barge in, like,  I wanna come in too Mommie--- with this cute little look on your face...And when you wanted your back rubbed, you would walk past me and stand there until I scratched it.. I am forever touched by your love and compassion and when I came home feeling sad, you always made me feel better...   You used to bark your head off when I came home until I leaned down to give you kisses...  I miss the days when I used to hug you and give you kisses on your snout .... you were a true male, not wanting to be hugged, but you always let Mommy cuddle you on the floor and hold your face up to mine and tell you how much I loved you... and I miss the kiss that you would recipricate back...  I miss you more than anything in this life and I pray that God is  taking good care of you...  Scottie misses you so much too ....   I look over your pictures all the time and still can not believe you are gone...  I pray that you are safe and that you free of any pain that you felt before you left this earth.. Mommy loves you forever and ever, and that I hope you are running free in the wildnerness of heaven, having fun with all the other dogs.  Barnie, I will see you soon my sweetie, over the Rainbow Bridge, and when I do, I will give you the BIGGEST Hug and kiss there ever was!!!!!   Miss you Barnie Rabbit, you were my BEST BEST FRIEND... I WILL MISS YOU ALWAYS.... MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!!!





For Harley
Feb. 28, 1994 - Sept. 4, 2005
I lost my very best friend today.
I feel so empty with no words left to say
Her bed lies empty on the kitchen floor.
Her little feet I will hear no more.
Feeling only pain from a broken heart
Never planning for the day we would have to part.
Caring for her was my only thought.
More time I wish I could have bought.
But that was not what was meant to be.
It was time to let go, Harley had to leave me.
No more suffering as she did each day.
God took her home where now she will stay.
 I'll hold on to the memories and all of that love.
 Because I know she is watching from above. 


This was my boy's very last picture. 
He was hurtin.


4/18/1992 to 9/23/2005

 Rascal, you lived up to your name by golly.  You were such a kind and giving animal and asked for nothing in return.  You loved to lick the kids ears when they played on the grass and the giggling, including you, could be heard for blocks.  You had such a handsome and wise face, yet you had a precocious way of raising an eyebrow and tilting your head that suggested you had conducted mischief.  I will miss the nightly routine of returning the trash baskets to their upright position and for the first time in 13 years, we have to sweep the kitchen floor of crumbs.  We miss you terribly buddy and bless you for being a part of our family.  We love you and hope you are having the time of your life in doggie heaven!



Buddy A. Franzese
September 20, 1994 - September 6, 2005

Buddy, you were the sweetest dog that anyone had ever met.  You grew up with Joey & Lisa and always made mommy and daddy feel better when we needed cheering up.  You enjoyed vacations with us in St. Louis and loved to ride in the car.  You also enjoyed curling up on the living room couch and futon in the spare room.  You loved to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed and press your warm body up against one of us.  You never growled at anyone and loved all people.  You defined unconditional love.  Though we miss you greatly, we always think of you and smile.  Make a place for us in heaven where we will once again see your beautiful face.  We will remember you each and every day that we live.  You will always be our baby and stay in our hearts and souls forever. 
We love you very much, our dear, sweet Buddy.


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