It's been a lot of years since my Tippy left us, but the love we shared for him will never die and his memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Our sweet dog Barney. We got Barney at the pound. My mom drove us down there and picked him out of a litter of 5 pups. At least so I've been told. I was 3 at the time, so Barney and I grew up together. We surprised my dad when we got home because he had no idea what mom was doing that day, but he loved Barney right away. You see, this was my dad's first dog ever. He couldn't have a dog growing up because his brother had allergies so dad was never allowed to have a dog.

Barney and Dad became best of buddies. Barney followed dad all over the place and my dad loved him. I'm 24 now. Barney died several years ago at the age of 13. I miss him and will always remember how wonderful it was growing up with Barney, but more because of the joy he brought my dad.
Thanks Barney!

Teddy Rea

We love you and miss you forever.

1978 - 1991


No words could ever describe what a great dog she was.
She will be missed forever.


                                Stretch - Cleopatra - Little Caesar
 "For Everthing Exists, And Not One Sigh, Nor Smile, Nor Tear, One Hair, Nor Particle of Dust, Not One Can Pass Away".
 My little angels, you have earned your puppy wings, fly without pain, run with the wind and know that if I could climb the steps to heaven to hold you just one more time, to kiss you just one more time, I'd be there in a blink.
 I love you babies, I miss you and Lucky Brutus misses you. Life is not the same without my 4 howling heart-throbs. Rest In Peace.    
12/25/92 -  2/13/04


Lucy "The Wonder Dog" Sower passed away today after a bout with cancer. Thank you to all her Internet friends that gave us comfort and support during these trying times. Words can not begin to express how much she'll be missed by her family and friends. Spoil your dogs rotten. Love them every chance you get. They deserve it. -Gene




Shanna touched the hearts of everyone that was around her and we will never forget her. 

She was our little Shanna Banana.


2/9/95 - 8/21/04

Our little "Floppy Ears"

Auggie brought my family a special closeness we'll never forget.  I was 6 when we got him, and now, 11 years later, looking back on all the memories brings a happiness close to all our hearts that we will never forget.  We hope you're having fun in heaven Aug, and maybe someday we'll see you there...We love you!!




"Our Lilly"
She is loved and missed dearly




    Dazie Pascale
1990 - 2004)

Thank you Dazie for all the years of your love . I'm so happy I could share my life with you and give you a better home.

Love, your mom and dad 






11/23/2000 - 11/8/2016
On November 8 I lost my best friend and the light of our lives.  We are so thankful for the 16 years of love and happiness our Barney gave to us. He was loyal and protective of his family.
When he  was just 11 months old, he would not stop smelling and scratching at my breast…..alerting me to my breast cancer. Doctors said that I was lucky to find it so early. I say it wasn’t luck..it the love my Barney had for me and I credit him for saving my life.
As a young healthy dog, he loved running after squirrels and rabbits in our yard as well as chasing birds. His favorite thing to do was a good cuddle and nap with Mom. As he matured he did more and more of that. Everyone that knew him …loved him. 
He was the most loyal companion and loved us all unconditionally.

Letting him go was the hardest, and most selfless thing I had to do in my life.  Now that he is gone , there is hole in my heart and void in our home. I know he is over the rainbow bridge and is one of the Lords Doggie Angels.
Until we meet again….we will miss him every day.