Rock Top Beagle Meet


On Sunday, May 4, 2008, the families of New Jersey Beagles, members of the New Jersey Beagles Discussion Forum, and locals from the Princeton area all met at Rocky Top Dog  Park for a fantastic day of beaglemania.  A total of 34 beagles attended this semi annual event, and everyone, including the beagles and their owners had a Fantastic time.   
Sir Chance A Lots mom Toni and Ranger's mommy Debbie. 
It was GREAT to see Cutie Pie and her new owner, Dara again.  Cutie looked so happy and was totally enjoying the day playing and running around with all the other beagles.  
Our forum friend John came solo, but he found lots of four legged friends to hang with.  Here he is with Penny playing her favorite game, fetch the tennis ball.






Charlotte and her daughter joined in on the days fun with Bonnie and Sammy's little girl Lucca.





Joe and Anne Marie are 3 for 3 now.  Attending all three of our beagle meet.  NY City beagle meet in "2006,"  and Rocky Top in "2007" and "2008."  Pictured here with Bonnie and Sammy's boys, Casey and Sonny. 



Darwin (left) and Penny (right) had a great time at Rocky Top, especially once their families figured out they were littermates. 




Joanne and Harry taking a little break waitng for Bailee to return to their pack.  Looks like Baxter and Brandy are needing a little r and r.







Brenda and Cory came solo, but had a great time just the same.  Cory is hoping she'll be at our next beagle meet with her new puppy.






Shelia and her family surprised their beagle, Snoopy with a huge beagle playdate at Rocky Top.





Tee and Sadie take a minute to stop for a photo. 




Bonnie's little girl Peppermint had a great time with dad Mike and big sister Jessica.  Hopefully mommy Lori will be able to come in August.






Random photos



Jim and wife with Belle's Sadie


Shawn and Jamie with Annie's little Olive


Sue and her son Austin enjoying the day with Harley and Copper.

Elaine with Bailey and good o'l Henry

Kevin on the left with Powder's boy Jackson are joined by his
friend and beagle from NY City.

Debbie from Connecticut with her beagle Ranger, son to our
very own Wendy and jake.


Dan and Ruby

Big Joe says, " THUMBS UP!"
 New Jersey Beagles Rocky Top Beagle Meet



A group photo of Today's beagle meet.  The day was such a success that the next meet has already been scheduled for 1:00 PM on Sunday, August 31st at Rocky Top.