Rocky Top Dog Park Beagle Meet
September 2, 2007

It was a GREAT day for everyone.  Some of our NJ Beagles families and members of the NJ Beagles Discussion Forum met for a fantastic day at Rocky Top Dog Park, in Princeton over the Labor Day weekend.  I'm not sure who had more fun, the dogs or their owners, but everyone had smiles on their faces from the moment they arrived.  The park is fabulous with loads of room for our beagles to run, play, and just let loose.  Speaking of which, some of these beagles have never been off a leash in an open area before, so I know their families were totally thrilled to see their dog have such a wonderful time with so much freedom.  We had 27 hounds attend with at least 3 times as many family members.  The day was such a great success that with the approval of Gretchen Zimmer, the park owner, we'd love to make this day and annual event.

Thank you to all who attended, including John and Brenda who came to meet all our beagles.   A big thanks to Joanne for helping organize the day and to Gretchen for allowing our families to enjoy the experience of her wonderful dog park.  

On the left is Pat and Mary with Cami and Sammy's little guy Murphy.  On the right our Discussion Forum member, Sue and family, with Harley and Copper.

Mark poses with Jeremy, NJ Beagles very own pupermodel and superstar in England for his picture on Tex Dog Food labels, which incidentally has created a definite rise in sales!

Time to shift gears as Mark tends to babies Elliot and Ben with wife Victoria.  It's been a big day for this family and now it's time to head for home.


New friendships were made between a couple of sweet little girls and their look-a-like dogs, Diamond and Peppermint, littermates to Bonnie and Sammy's pups.  Brother Ranger looks on as the girls become friends.

Barbara and her son Jeff were thrilled to see Belle's little boy Ranger have so much fun off a leash.  This little guy was having the time of his life!


With Chris and Sharon's dog Brody off enjoying himself, and AnnMarie and Joe's two dogs, Sonny and Casey obviously involved in more interesting things, the four had time to have a little relaxing conversation.

Karen, Chris and the girls enjoyed their day at the dog park, and we all know how much Brady enjoyed himself!  This little spirited guy didn't stop all day.  Now Karen be honest, wasn't this better than going to the pool?

On the left is Lisa with her busy little beagle Buddy, and on the right are NJ Beagles Discussion Forum members Elaine with sweet Henry, and Bonnie with her little lemon and white sweetheart Margarita.

Joanne shows Brenda how Brandy gives BIG smooches on demand.

Tee and Penny, BFF

Joe, Terry, and AnnMarie               Peggy, Tee, and Brenda


  Brenda, Karen, Jeff and Cindi with their beagle Opie

Jan and her family, especially her little girl seemed to have a great time at the park.  Their dog Jesse, Wendy and jake's little boy had a great time himself.  Looks like Jesse drew quite a crowd.

Harry hangs onto Baxter for a little R and R.


Various photos of the day




My Favorite Photo
Little Brandy pooped out on grandma's lap after a hard day of play.




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