NY City Beagle Meet

Left to right
Brandy, Elvis, Sonny, Jeremy, Jake, Mizzou, Casey, Grace, Mickey,
and Braxton.


Arriving a little late and missing in our group photo is PJ, (top)
and Riley and Boomer. (bottom)


Elvis with his mommy Casey, and Braxton with his mommy Kirsten.

Who's that kissin in the left corner??

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The most surprising to me was Mizzou on the left and Jeremy on the right. 
Two little spitfires!!

Okay, who's holding out with the treats?

Jake and Elvis seemed to become the best of buddies real fast.  Sometimes TOO GOOD!  Then there's Braxton who is on his way to find Gracie and Mickey

Joann with Cute little Brandy

PJ and Riley really hit it off.

Mickey and Braxton

PJ's big sister Yasmeen is enjoying Riley who definitely had a thing for Princess Jasmin. 
Brandy looks on as PJ and Riley make friends.

Harry kept a close eye on Brandy, while Jake and Casey take a water break.

Getting to know you.  Getting to know all about you....
That's Jeremy, Jake, Boomer, Riley, and Elvis all getting better acquainted.

Mickey and Gracie on a Braxton break

Then there's Elvis and Jake AGAIN!  Wait a minute, you're not Elvis.  Casey, is that YOU!

Gorgeous, simply GORGEOUS.... And Sonny's quite a looker TOO!

Howard and Matilda



Andy gets caught with his hand in the cookie bag, and Baxter is thinking, hurry before my mommy catches me!

Elvis ain't nuttin but a hound dog, and a beautiful one at that!

Riley and Boomer getting a little reassurance from mommy Nicole
while proud pappa Anthony smiles away.

Andy and Dana keep a close eye on ALL THREE kids. 
On the other side Elvis is thinking, Jake give me a break!


"Hey Harry", "Yeah Joe."  "What's going on over there with Elvis and that pug?"