New Jersey Beagles At Rocky Top Dog Park
September 6, 2009

It may have been Labor Day weekend, but that didn't stop these beagle loving families from bringing their hounds out for a romp in the dog park.  36 beagles enjoyed the freedom of an off leash experience to run, play, swim and just do whatever they felt like for three hours while their owners watched on with pride, love, and smiles.  You couldn't ask for a better day.  The weather was simply fantastic, and for me, seeing so many of my beautiful beagles all grown up is always worth my anticipation.  Reuniting with their families and realizing from one beagle meet to the other, that although I know you all personally from your beagle adoption, the rest of you basically have become acquainted from our discussion forum first and because of our love for our adorable little hounds, we've become friends too.  How special is that!

Welcome to those of your who came to Rocky Top for the first time.  I hope you had a great time and I definitely look forward to see you again in the spring.  Please email me to get on next years mailing list.