We started our stork stories page about 9 years ago.  They are little tales of our mommies in which we update and photograph our girls 
during the course of their pregnancy, through the birth of their pups, and finally watching their puppies grow.




Click here to visit Pearl's stork page and read all about her pregnancy from beginning to end.





Click here to visit Cutie's stork page and see her five pups who were born on June 13, 2004







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Click hereto visit Annie's stork page.  Enjoy the highlights of her story as you experience her date with Sammy, the birth of her pups, visitation day with daddy, and meeting the families who will adopt her puppies.



Click here to view Cami and Belle's stork story.  Enjoy watching their 12 pups grow from birth until they finally leave with their new families.


Click here to visit Cutie and Bonnie's stork page.





Click hereto visit Wendy's stork page.  Pups born May 21, 2006.



Click here to visit Cami and Belle's stork page





Click here to visit Powder and Bonnie's stork page





Click here to visit Shelby and Sammy's stork page and their four beautiful little puppies


Click here to check out Cutie's stork story and see her five little girls, born August 9, 2007.


Click here to read about Wendy and Sammy's record breaking litter born October 12, 2007.
Powder and Shelby's puppies are all in their new homes now, but Click here to check out their stork story.



Belle and Bonnie had their puppies just one day apart.  Click here to read their stork story and visit they're beautiful babies.



Click here and read all about Wendy's and Sammy's final litter born March 10th, 2009.



Click here to visit Ally and Josie's stork page from their first litter born around 4th of July, 2009.





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